Star Wars: Apocalypse

Last Ride Out of Town

The crew slipped away from Bossk (with his autograph), but on the way to the spaceport the Imperial Navy showed up with a task force led by the Super Star Destroyer Revenant. Ceth's aunt Kira called in with an offer of escape, directing the crew to a crashed Clone War era Destroyer in the desert. Kira turned out to run the Rebellion cell on Sal Sagev. She directed the crew back to the city to escape with the datapad while the crashed Destroyer offered covering fire for the city. At best, this buys time for the city and staves off an orbital bombardment but eventually forces a ground battle. Liiana called in for Imperial aid, posing as an active officer needing to get to the spaceport.

Boba Fett crashed down onto the crew's hovertruck on the way to the port. Taka looked out and made eye contact with him right before everyone kicked his ass. Fett had called together a hunter crew, though, which ambushed the crew…briefly, before Joma threw out a fake datapad to fool them into not pursuing and Bolen drove the crew away. Notably, Acasha shot Dengar in the face along the way.

The combination of the crew's clever actions and combat prowess got them to the spaceport, whereupon Liiana's talent for the con and Imperial Navy experience took them through the Imperial cordon. From there, Bolen flew the crew away. Acasha directed them toward Dantooine as a safe stop before continuing on with her mission.



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