Ceth Rayner

Mr Fix-it


Species: Human

Cool: 2
Hard: 1
Hot: -2
Sharp: 2
Will: 1

Bolen +1
Acasha +3
Liiana +3
Joma 0
Taka +1


When you seek to subvert a computer system or electronic security measures, roll Sharp. On a 10, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2. On a miss, choose 1 anyway.
•You get into the system or past the security
•You don’t alert anyone to your intrusion
•You leave no trace behind
•You don’t permanently damage something important

I Bypassed the Compressor
You are skilled with your hands and can fix, repair, or build pretty much anything, with the right raw materials. When you have time and safety to study a tech item, roll Sharp. On a 10, the GM will tell you what it does and how to use it. On a 7-9, the GM will explain the general principle at work.

When you dedicate yourself to making or fixing a thing, or to getting to the bottom of something technological, decide what you’re doing and tell the GM. The GM will tell you “sure, no problem, but…” and then 1 to 4 of the following:
•It’s going to take hours/days/weeks/months of work
•First you’ll have to get/build/fix/figure out (something)
•You’re going to need (someone) to help you with it
•You’re going to need parts, and they’re going to be expensive
•The best you’ll be able to do is a crap version, weak and unreliable
•It’s going to mean exposing yourself and colleagues to serious danger
•You’re going to have to find or create a workspace where you can do (something)
•It’s going to take several/dozens/hundreds of tries
•You’re going to have to take (something) apart to do it.

The GM might connect them all with “and,” or might throw in a merciful “or.” Once you’ve accomplished the necessaries, you can go ahead and accomplish the thing itself.

At the beginning of every session, roll Sharp. On a 10, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You can spend your hold 1 for 1, at any time, to have a piece of gear useful to whatever situation you find yourself in – either on-hand, or somewhere you can get at it without too much trouble. This won’t get you weapons, but it might get you just about anything else man-portable and useful. After using it, the item finally breaks down.


Gangly and awkward, but handy with a welding torch, young Ceth Rayner keeps all the bells and whistles at the Crystal Palace in good working order.

Ceth Rayner

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