Joma Latt

Nagai Thief


Species: Nagai

Cool: +2
Hard: -2
Hot: +1
Sharp: +1
Will: +2


Break and Enter
You are talented at gaining access to places you have no business being. When you attempt to enter or exit such a place, roll Cool. On a 10, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:

  • You get where you wanted to be
  • You remain undetected while getting there.
  • You leave no trace of ever having been there
  • You stumble across something useful or interesting along the way.

When you try to steal or plant something on an individual or you try to ditch something surreptitiously, roll Cool. On a 10, you do it, no problem. On a 7-9, you do it, but the GM chooses 1:

  • You create an awkward moment
  • The action will get noticed before too long
  • Someone other than the people you’re hiding your action from saw you do it

Touch of History
This is a +Force move. When you handle or examine something interesting, roll Will. On a hit, you can ask the GM questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 1:

  • Who handled this last before me?
  • Who made this?
  • What strong emotions are recently associated with this?
  • What has been done most recently to this, or using this?
  • What’s wrong with this, and how can I fix it?

Joma Latt is a young, Nagai streetrat living on Sal Sagev. The 16 year old Joma Latt can be found usually stealing from tourist that visit Sagev City.


  • Bolen Hawkes: 0
    • One of them is like a father to you.
  • Xian’Liiana’Nuruodo: +2
    • You’ve stolen from one of them. Blatantly and often.
  • Taka Aladeen: 0 (Owes me a secret)
    • You’ve fought with one of them, shoulder to shoulder.
  • Ceth Rayner: +2
  • Acasha: +2


  • Blaster Pistol (2-harm close loud)
  • Leather outerwear Light Armor (1-armor)
  • Comlink and Datapad (together these are almost as useful as a smartphone)
  • Desert gear (goggles, scarves, etc)
  • 2-resources in starting credit, favor, and goodwill from your contacts and employers

Four additional items of your choice.

  • Vibroknife: (1-harm hand AP)
  • Holo of parents (Trinkets and curios)
  • Knowledge of the back alleys of Sagev City
  • extra resources in starting credit

Joma Latt

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