Lord Alma


Once a skilled and successful warlord of the Separatist movement, Lord Alma dropped out of the Clone Wars well before their end to set himself up as the de facto governor of Sal Sagev, then a mere waystation on the Outer Rim. In the following years, Alma’s clever governance brought Sal Sagev into its own as a tourist spot and a significant economic player on the Rim.

Aware of his own generally grim demeanor, Alma wisely relies on more vibrant and energetic deputies to project Sal Sagev’s welcoming face to tourists and shipping magnates. He was a driving force behind the growth of Sal Sagev’s burgeoning bacta fruit plantation industry, wanting a third stable leg for his world’s economy. This, too, was handled behind the scenes, though his involvement is well-known.

Lord Alma has said little about the Clone Wars and his departure from the Separatist movement except to say that he grew deeply disillusioned with both sides. With the rise of the Empire, he has made no effort to clarify or alter his position on the matter — even at the risk of insulting Emperor Palpatine.


Lord Alma

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