Star Wars: Apocalypse

Destroyed. By the Empire. Those Fuckers.

After escaping Sal Sagev, the group flew to Dantooine in search of an alternate contact point for the Rebel Alliance. Finding an Imperial reconaissance in force over the planet, the crew diverted to nearby Tatooine in the hopes of getting further info from one of Acasha's Rebel contacts there.

While said contact was good for fairly little intel, a few other issues were taken care of. Taka checked in on the bounty hunter boards to discover just how heavily interested Tatooine's hunters were in the "recovery" of the datapad on Sal Sagev, suggesting a huge payout. The ship's passenger and the "sanitized" datapad were both handed off for delivery to some Wookiee and his Corellian buddy piloting a sad but apparently spaceworthy pile of garbage.

Following the advice of the Rebel contact, the crew then headed for Alderaan… which was no longer present in its system. Amid the rocky debris and ship wreckage that remained in its place, the crew boarded a dead and ventilated ship to investigate what had caused the cataclysm. After an awkward encounter with the assassin droid IG-82 disguised as a protocol droid, the crew salvaged ship data revealing an attack on the system from a massive battle Imperial battle station.

Heading from there to the Rebel base on Yavin IV, the crew was fully inducted into the Rebel Alliance and given a few key pieces of info: the Senate had been dissolved by order of the Emperor, Princess Leia has been taken captured, and the Rebels on Yavin IV were already planning to evacuate. Short on personnel and pressed for time, General Dodonna entrusted with the crew an urgent mission: to take on the list from the datapad, recruiting and recovering as many of the names on the list as possible. The mission's first stop would naturally be Coruscant, home of the now-dissolved Senate and a number of presumably inactive but still connected senators.

Last Ride Out of Town

The crew slipped away from Bossk (with his autograph), but on the way to the spaceport the Imperial Navy showed up with a task force led by the Super Star Destroyer Revenant. Ceth's aunt Kira called in with an offer of escape, directing the crew to a crashed Clone War era Destroyer in the desert. Kira turned out to run the Rebellion cell on Sal Sagev. She directed the crew back to the city to escape with the datapad while the crashed Destroyer offered covering fire for the city. At best, this buys time for the city and staves off an orbital bombardment but eventually forces a ground battle. Liiana called in for Imperial aid, posing as an active officer needing to get to the spaceport.

Boba Fett crashed down onto the crew's hovertruck on the way to the port. Taka looked out and made eye contact with him right before everyone kicked his ass. Fett had called together a hunter crew, though, which ambushed the crew…briefly, before Joma threw out a fake datapad to fool them into not pursuing and Bolen drove the crew away. Notably, Acasha shot Dengar in the face along the way.

The combination of the crew's clever actions and combat prowess got them to the spaceport, whereupon Liiana's talent for the con and Imperial Navy experience took them through the Imperial cordon. From there, Bolen flew the crew away. Acasha directed them toward Dantooine as a safe stop before continuing on with her mission.

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Everyone wants that datapad!

Liiana was contacted by Goruba AND her boss. Bolen was recruited by Alma. Acasha was sent by General Dodonna. And everyone else just found out. The city is crawling with bounty hunters and agents of the ISB all looking for the datapad.

Also, Taka totally took out Zazzakk and the cops think she must be a TOTAL BAD ASS.

The group is together for the first time, tensely negotiating in a Caff bar… while Bossk and a sidekick walk in.


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