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  • Xian'Liiana'Nuruodo ("Liiana")

    Xian'Liiana'Nuruodo (or just Liiana for short) arrived on Sal Sagev just a year and a half ago with barely anything but the clothes on her back. Since then, she has used a singular will and natural charisma to rise to the position of head of customer …

  • Joma Latt

    Joma Latt is a young, Nagai streetrat living on Sal Sagev. The 16 year old Joma Latt can be found usually stealing from tourist that visit Sagev City. *Hx* * Bolen Hawkes: 0 ** One of them is like a father to you. * Xian'Liiana'Nuruodo: +2 ** …

  • Ceth Rayner

    Gangly and awkward, but handy with a welding torch, young Ceth Rayner keeps all the bells and whistles at the Crystal Palace in good working order.

  • Bolen Hawkes

    Bolen Hawkes a middle-aged human male. He doesn't talk about his past, but has the look of a native of the Outer Rim. He is solidly built and carries himself like he's good in a tight spot. Bolen is a working gambler. He lives in Sagev City and …

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