Tag: npc


  • Hota Nol

    While perhaps not the most influential underworld figure on Sal Sagev, the Rodian crime lord Hota Nol is one of the most dangerous. He came up through hard work as a smuggler and hired thug and isn't above taking a hands-on approach to conflicts that …

  • G2-5Z

    Ceth Rayner's personal repair droid. He's chatty. He fixes things. ...he probably chats more than he fixes.

  • Kelsa Dan

    Kelsa Dan is the thoroughly law-abiding captain of the completely legitimate Corellian YT-series freighter _Black Cat_. She's carrying a cargo load of Sullustan mushroom wine. Her papers are all in order. What are you implying? You got anything to back up …

  • Fon Vadmas

    Fon Vadmas works as an enforcer for the Rodian crime lord Hota Nol. He's a grizzled and bitter veteran of the Clone Wars known for petty vindictiveness. His wounds from the war have been corrected with cybernetics, including at least some minor …

  • Bossk

    Bossk has been one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy for the past two decades. While his reputation for ruthlessness and combat prowess is deserved, his prominence is also significant for his parentage. His father, Dharrsk, is one of the …

  • Major Gann

    Major Gann is the XO of the Imperial garrison on Sal Sagev. As the CO (Colonel Render) rarely leaves the garrison compound, Gann is the most visible of the garrison's command. He often takes charge of important operations outside the compound.