NPCs and Gangs


NPCs suffer damage differently than PCs do, but that damage can scale according to how “hard,” skilled, trained or just plain dangerous the NPC is. For reference:

When an ordinary NPC suffers…

  • 1-damage: cosmetic damage, pain, concussion, fear
  • 2-damage: wounds, unconsciousness, bad pain, broken bones, shock, likely fatal
  • 3-damage: 50-50 immediately fatal, otherwise terrible wounds, shock, death soon
  • 4-damage: usually immediately fatal, sometimes mangled and ruined, waiting to die
  • 5-damage and more: fatal and bodily destructive

When a “lieutenant”-grade NPC suffers damage, reduce the damage by 1 on the scale above for purposes of consequences only.

When a “captain”-grade NPC suffers damage, reduce the damage by 2 on the scale above for purposes of consequences only.


If a move indicates, you have a squad or gang of about a dozen hardened folks. By default: 2-harm gang small 0-armor, and choose 2:

  • Your gang consists of two dozen hardened folks. Medium instead of small
  • Your gang is well armed. +1-harm
  • Your gang has combat armor. +1-armor
  • Your gang has access to specialized weaponry. Add 1 tag from the basic weapon list
  • Your gang is self-sufficient. +rich

And choose 1:

  • Your gang is ill-supplied, -1-harm
  • Your gang is a pack of violent thugs. +savage
  • Your gang is loose-knit, with members coming and going as they choose. +desertion
  • Your gang owes a significant debt to someone powerful. +obligation
  • Your gang is lax about security and likes to drink and brag. +reprisals
  • Your gang is composed of members of a marginalized group. +stigmatized
  • Your gang uses a lot of incidental tech. +breakdown

If you advance your gang, either gain a new option from the first list, or remove the option from the second list.

NPCs and Gangs

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