Species and Stats


Unless your persona suggests a reason for a special move, PCs do not receive personal moves or other stats based on their species. The aliens of Star Wars are by and large equivalent to humans with fairly negligible differences in terms of rules. Differences will be woven into the narrative: Wookiees and Gamoreans are stronger, Mon Cals and Quarren can breathe underwater, but by and large no one has advantages or disadvantages strong enough to merit their own rules. Playing an alien is therefore a narrative choice rather than a mechanical one.


Each character has 5 core Stats:

  • Cool – Your calm under pressure, ability to think and act in stressful situations
  • Hard – Your core badassery, your ability to hurt others and avoid being hurt
  • Hot – Your charisma, your sexy, your allure or force of personality
  • Sharp – Your awareness, cleverness, ability to think on your feet and notice the details
  • Will – Your drive to succeed, your ability to keep going despite overwhelming odds, your self-mastery and self-control

Each stat is largely narrative – it represents how well you do a certain range of things, rather than a specific trait. Your “Hard” may be the stat most associated with kicking ass and taking names, but how that particular ass-kicking manifests is largely to your discretion.

Stats range from -2 to +3, with an average stat being 0. A score of +1 or higher represents noticeably above-average abilities.

Stats are determined through a simple point-buy system, as follows:

  • You have 5 points to distribute at your discretion.
  • All stats begin at +0.
  • A stat of +1 costs 1 point
  • a stat of +2 costs 3 points
  • a stat of +3 costs 6 points
  • A stat of -1 gives you 1 extra point
  • a stat of -2 gives you 3 extra points.

Species and Stats

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